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The mystical Jerusalem

The heart of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, is a city of thousands of shrines, which history goes back to the ancient times. At the same time, it is a city of secrets and mysteries, unsolved and unveiled since ancient times and those witnessed by our contemporaries.

Однодневный маршрут предлагает посмотреть на Иерусалим немного по-другому, чем это происходит обычно: в фигурах львов на одних из городских ворот увидеть мифических животных из сна Сулеймана Великолепного, от улицы Кинг Джордж пройтись к началу долины Еннома, известной как Геенна Огненная или вход в преисподнюю, а у Стены Плача попытаться разглядеть, как плачет сама стена…

The one-day route suggests looking at Jerusalem a little differently than it usually occurs: to see the mythical animals from Suleiman the Magnificent's dream in the figures of lions at one of the city gates, walk from King George Street to the beginning of the Ennom valley, known as Gehenna or the entrance to the underworld, and at the Wailing Wall to try to see the wall crying…

On the way from one landmark to another you can buy a local amulet protecting from the evil eye, a red woollen thread. On the Temple Mount, try to feel the dungeons dug by the Knights Templar under your feet and walk on the ancient stones through the tunnel of the Western Wall. In the Kidron valley, which name translates as 'gloomy', you can see the places in which, according to prophesies, the resurrection of the dead will begin…

The mysticism of modern Jerusalem is not overlooked as well. At the Mount of Those who are Resting (where it is more convenient to get by taxi), you can learn about the burial traditions of Judaism, which have spread from here around the globe, and walk along the Chords Bridge, associated with 'apocalyptic sounds' and heavenly visions reported over the city in 2016.