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Christian Nazaret and Cana of Galilee

The route, which includes visiting the holy places of the most Christian city of Israel, Nazareth, as well as Cana of Galilee, is thematically with connected with events from the childhood and adolescence of Jesus Christ. The one whom Christians all over the world revere as the Messiah and the Savior of the world. Adherents of other religious traditions know him primarily as Jesus of Nazareth, a city which is a home to his ancient family, which ascended to the high priest Aaron and King David.

The locations covered by it are revered by Christians of different faiths. However, most of them are connected, in one way or another, with the events of the earthly life of Christ. Moreover, this trip includes visiting the centers of the modern spiritual life of Christian Nazareth: Church of Jesus the Adolescent, built in the early twentieth century, with a unique image of the young Christ, as well as the ecumenical Mary of Nazareth International Centre, the result of the joint efforts of 11 Christian churches.

Most of the way through Nazareth is better to do on foot, while the shrines of Cana of Galilee and Mount Favor should be visited by car or a tourist bus.

This route unites the most significant Christian shrines of Galilee and at the same time it is somewhat different from the most popular way for pilgrimage trips through the north of Israel.