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Nazareth. Trip to Galilee

This tour is designed to unite well-known worldwide places of religious pilgrimage and less famous, but certainly noteworthy, sights of northern Israel, the Galilee, within a one-day tourist route. The main city of this part of the country is Nazareth and also Cana of Galilee, a small settlement where Jesus Christ showed his first miracle, have several landmarks located not very far from each other. For this reason, it is easy to get around on foot. In addition to Christian shrines, the White Mosque, a monument of Islamic architecture of the 19th century, which until now has been guarded by the descendants of its founder, is included to the tour.

Travelling to the Zippori National Park and to the Megiddo Hill, part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage allows touching the hoary antiquity of Israel (and perhaps the distant future of the whole world). For this part of the route, as well as for visiting the picturesque Ein Gedi Oasis with a stunning botanical garden in the middle of the desert, you will definitely need a car or a tourist bus.

The route ends where it began - in Nazareth, or rather, in its surroundings: with a visit to Mount Tabor. In addition to visiting Orthodox and Catholic churches erected on the site of the miraculous transformation of Jesus Christ, you can take a walk around the summit if you have time after seeing the other sights.